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feeling blue

processKarla Furrer

blueberry pie!

a sweet dessert made with no advance notice, no planning, no running to the store.  just the fact that i came acrosse  the recipe and had everything that i needed without another trip to the store was almost as sweet as the pie itself! i am even know to go to the grocery more than once a day, just can't get my act together with that.

anyway....had everything for this yummy pie and it came out looking pretty good too!

sundays are my favorite day to cook something i've never tried before or an old classic. it just makes me happy to be working in the kitchen making something good without too much stress. it may come out good, it may not. i may have it ready at 6, it may not be ready till 8....doesn't matter, it's more about enjoying the activity, being in the center of the house while george and the kids run in and out, and sometimes just by myself with music on lost in my own little world.


a great eye for good books

inspirationKarla Furrer

coffee table books, cookbooks, decorating and diy, just a few of the book categories i swoon over. (and i'm always up for a good self-help book too) i reserve books at the library often and decide which ones i should buy for my collection.  i'm also always getting good recommendations on social media or just  by browsing book stores and amazon.  weekends are always a little sweeter when i have tried a new recipe or project i read about. 

these books are beautiful and inspiring. i like them out in stacks, sometimes opened up to a pretty page i can glimpse at as i walk by. 

this weekend i was all excited about my new "the forest feast" gatherings cookbook. i bought it for my niece for a shower gift and fell in love, i have one too! (thanks to george)

baked garlic with brie,

crispy kale with paprika and truffle salt,

parmesan snap peas, sausage,

potato and white bean soup     

those are the recipes we enjoyed this weekend and there are so many more good ones. in addition, pretty ideas for simple entertaining! let's just hope the weather gets warm enough one of these days.      

IMG_5834 (1)77.jpeg

bon apetite!

bold ambitions

inspirationKarla Furrer

joyful individuals with bold ambitions! 

the boden catalog  is always something i get excited about when i spot it in my mailbox, almost as much as the anthropologie catalog.  the clothes are colorful and fresh. and i just love it!  but it's not just the's the copywriting too. i have torn out several pages, great one-liners, that i tape up in my studio...or right in the kitchen for all to enjoy. they are really good...and they just make me happy!   


sometimes it's the little things.

living an artful life

inspirationKarla FurrerComment

i've wanted to jump back into my blog, but have struggled with where to begin again. it's been so long since my last post. and more than that, i just haven't been disciplined enough about my blog. i know consistency is key....and that is not what i have produced so far for sure.  my problem is, i only feel compelled to post when i'm really "into" something.  so a schedule does not always mesh well with inspiration. 

so here i am, giving it another try, my an artful life!

living an artful life for me is a way at looking at whatever i'm doing with a more thoughtful eye. finding the beauty, having fun, making the ordinary a little more special. 

so...a couple of recent moments over easter weekend that brought me joy:

 driving past gramma minnie's old house in cleveland! so many memories here of family parties, aunts, uncles, cousins, annual visits to the feast and always a lot of really good food being made and eaten!

driving past gramma minnie's old house in cleveland! so many memories here of family parties, aunts, uncles, cousins, annual visits to the feast and always a lot of really good food being made and eaten!

 an easter diy i had to try, and much easier than i expected. nail polish and warm water is all it is. just swirl with tooth pick and drag eggs in. that's it! definitely the prettiest eggs i've ever created.  and an easter tradition...pizzelles. the beauty of the pattern and the memories make me so happy!

an easter diy i had to try, and much easier than i expected. nail polish and warm water is all it is. just swirl with tooth pick and drag eggs in. that's it! definitely the prettiest eggs i've ever created.  and an easter tradition...pizzelles. the beauty of the pattern and the memories make me so happy!

more to come!


all right spring do your thing!!

New ArrivalsKarla Furrer

it feels amazing to enjoy open windows and bright sunshine. time for heading outside, time for creating with spring and summer in mind. recently i had an opportunity to work with a couple amazing artists to put another photo shoot together.  new spring totes, scarves and jewelry....looking beautiful on a sunny afternoon!

substance and style

processKarla Furrer

my absolute favorite magazine for inspiration....anthology!  a celebration of makers, design and travel. i can't even crack it open without time to really enjoy it. this includes a comfy place to read, time to linger and sometimes take a nap, and a refreshing beverage.  i don't have a subscription, not sure why, so it requires me to go to my local anthropologie for the latest copy. and i am never disappointed to make the trip!

                                                               artist anandamyi arnold

every page a feast of beauty and inspiration and recipes too.  makes me want to re-decorate, make, cook and play.   but usually I just savor every page and go back to my life as it is, happy to have visited.

bella studio 101

studio, processKarla Furrer

this is the time of year that I have a bit more time to work on my process. when I am busy creating for upcoming shows, I get overwhelmed and the process goes out the door.   i jump from one project to another and often can't compete things because something else needs to be done first.

under perfect conditions, I like to have straps, tags, and pouches ready to go, and that can be easier said than many little things to tend to

  • bella studio leather tags that must be cut and heat-stamped,

  • leather straps for crossbody purses and totes need to be cut and fitted with clips and brads,

  • cowhide tags  cut and punched for earrings,

  • and then there's the pouches for jewelry items that need to be dip-dyed, rinsed, ironed and stamped (I really can't believe how much time those bags take) but that is important to me, and I love when customers get all excited about them!

so many details go into making my designs one-of-a kind....and those little things are what make each piece completely and beautifully...

bella studio

nov 2016 005.jpg1.jpg

a peek at the studio

studioKarla Furrer

i've been working hard since the first of the year to get my studio space picked up and ready for a new season of creating.  i   tend to make a huge mess as i work, which is fine for a while but eventually it takes it's toll. was time to clean up, clear out and make things pretty in my not so pretty space.

the new additions really add to the "ambiance"....and i am loving it!

new area rugs and café lights!!

i've even created a couple new banners from scrap fabric to soften things up a bit.

it is as awesome as an unfinished space can be, and that's good enough for me.

now i can get back to the work of creating!

the beauty of indigo....

shiboriKarla Furrer

i don't think i'll ever tire of the beauty of indigo! the shades are pure and natural.  to have these fabrics in your home is embracing natural beauty!  and that makes me happy!!

embracing summer!

Karla FurrerComment

just stopping and taking time to enjoy the beautiful summer evenings is the best way to make it last as long as possible!  my to-do list includes some of the following:

reading books, dinner with neighbors, star gazing, sunsets, and enjoying family and friends. 

that's what summer is all about!  


session 2 001.JPG



road trip!

Karla Furrer

just recently had my annual road trip to visit my college bff and explore the amazing landscape and peaceful settings of amish country in northeastern ohio.

it is just stunning to drive through the rolling scenic it almost doesn't seem real.

the weather was perfection so that always makes everything more beautiful.

we pretty much covered the important "must do's" for our annual get together.



fireside chit chat


wine drinking




vintage treasure hunting

more chit chat...

so nice to catch up and get out in new surrounding.

a couple of my favorite stops that should not be missed if you are going to the area...

 modern farmhouse in millersburg - the perfect mix of really cool vintage finds, upholstery, home décor and accessories. the displays are fresh and it's just all around amazing! don't miss it. (check hours before making a special trip. it's one of those stores that sometimes is closed while they do their treasure hunting)

Rebecca's bistro  the best!! never miss it on a trip!

farmers fresh picks!

such a beautiful place to enjoy another side of the ohio that i have been born and raised in and that  gives me so many different perspectives.

ohio love!



Karla Furrer


i'm always feeling like i have a new obsession....and i actually love that!

i learn something new or discover something i had no idea about and that's it... i'm hooked!

i think it's a really good thing! i love people with passion!

and yes, sometimes it's a curse. i know my family would say i get a little too emotional about somethings.

but, this is who i am.

anyway, i can't even believe how much i am loving the new friends i have met while listening to different creative podcasts!

i didn't even know this whole world existed until 2 days ago!!

do you know about it!!

you can listen to anything...everything!!

it is sooooooo exciting!

and the few that i have been listening to are creative people that are successful and wonderful and they think about and talk about so many of the things i love.

so what are these podcasts!

who are these people!

these are the two new friends I have invited into the studio:

andy j miller....creative pep talk

he is the best!

 i love how heartfelt his talks are!

 sweet, inspiring and just good!

(i even got on i-tunes and gave him a comment and rating-5 stars!)

and the other one

elise gets crafty

elise interviews creative business owners and makers. it's like sitting and chatting with friends over coffee.

and they're talking about everything you love!

yes, i also feel a bit lame. they have so much going on in their creative businesses.  new projects which include book deals, product launches, developing new apps and travel.... so far from where i am today, but something to dream about anyway.

so...if you k new nothing about this whole new world of heard it here!

true blue

Karla Furrer

still learning and obsessing over the beauty of indigo!

little by little it is creeping into more areas of my life.

and it's not really anything i can just keeps spreading.

and when that happens...i just need to go with it.

and that is what i am doing!

i need to start spending a little more time at the

jewelry table

it's been neglected for a while.


and i will....tomorrow!