i'm always feeling like i have a new obsession....and i actually love that!

i learn something new or discover something i had no idea about and that's it... i'm hooked!

i think it's a really good thing! i love people with passion!

and yes, sometimes it's a curse. i know my family would say i get a little too emotional about somethings.

but, this is who i am.

anyway, i can't even believe how much i am loving the new friends i have met while listening to different creative podcasts!

i didn't even know this whole world existed until 2 days ago!!

do you know about it!!

you can listen to anything...everything!!

it is sooooooo exciting!

and the few that i have been listening to are creative people that are successful and wonderful and they think about and talk about so many of the things i love.

so what are these podcasts!

who are these people!

these are the two new friends I have invited into the studio:

andy j miller....creative pep talk

he is the best!

 i love how heartfelt his talks are!

 sweet, inspiring and just good!

(i even got on i-tunes and gave him a comment and rating-5 stars!)

and the other one

elise gets crafty

elise interviews creative business owners and makers. it's like sitting and chatting with friends over coffee.

and they're talking about everything you love!

yes, i also feel a bit lame. they have so much going on in their creative businesses.  new projects which include book deals, product launches, developing new apps and travel.... so far from where i am today, but something to dream about anyway.

so...if you k new nothing about this whole new world of heard it here!