bella studio 101

this is the time of year that I have a bit more time to work on my process. when I am busy creating for upcoming shows, I get overwhelmed and the process goes out the door.   i jump from one project to another and often can't compete things because something else needs to be done first.

under perfect conditions, I like to have straps, tags, and pouches ready to go, and that can be easier said than many little things to tend to

  • bella studio leather tags that must be cut and heat-stamped,

  • leather straps for crossbody purses and totes need to be cut and fitted with clips and brads,

  • cowhide tags  cut and punched for earrings,

  • and then there's the pouches for jewelry items that need to be dip-dyed, rinsed, ironed and stamped (I really can't believe how much time those bags take) but that is important to me, and I love when customers get all excited about them!

so many details go into making my designs one-of-a kind....and those little things are what make each piece completely and beautifully...

bella studio

nov 2016 005.jpg1.jpg