a great eye for good books


coffee table books, cookbooks, decorating and diy, just a few of the book categories i swoon over. (and i'm always up for a good self-help book too) i reserve books at the library often and decide which ones i should buy for my collection.  i'm also always getting good recommendations on social media or just  by browsing book stores and amazon.  weekends are always a little sweeter when i have tried a new recipe or project i read about. 

these books are beautiful and inspiring. i like them out in stacks, sometimes opened up to a pretty page i can glimpse at as i walk by. 

this weekend i was all excited about my new "the forest feast" gatherings cookbook. i bought it for my niece for a shower gift and fell in love, so.....now i have one too! (thanks to george)

baked garlic with brie,

crispy kale with paprika and truffle salt,

parmesan snap peas, sausage,

potato and white bean soup     

those are the recipes we enjoyed this weekend and there are so many more good ones. in addition, pretty ideas for simple entertaining! let's just hope the weather gets warm enough one of these days.      

IMG_5834 (1)77.jpeg

bon apetite!