feeling blue


blueberry pie!

a sweet dessert made with no advance notice, no planning, no running to the store.  just the fact that i came acrosse  the recipe and had everything that i needed without another trip to the store was almost as sweet as the pie itself! i am even know to go to the grocery more than once a day, just can't get my act together with that.

anyway....had everything for this yummy pie and it came out looking pretty good too!

sundays are my favorite day to cook something i've never tried before or an old classic. it just makes me happy to be working in the kitchen making something good without too much stress. it may come out good, it may not. i may have it ready at 6, it may not be ready till 8....doesn't matter, it's more about enjoying the activity, being in the center of the house while george and the kids run in and out, and sometimes just by myself with music on lost in my own little world.